As I originally planned to leave for Geraadsbergen today, everything is prepared. But not compressed into the bags until now.

Two days ago I rechecked my first and second rough routing from months ago. Luckily TCR provided a document with blocked roads and/ or tunnels. It took some time to check everything again, now I am happy I did it once more. As to my prior experiences from Hardcro border crossing got another focus. Figuring out the smallest deviation from my route for crossing the border between Bosnia and Montenegro, I asked Ivan to give me a -local experts- hand. He contacted the local governor asking whether a certain road can be used to international border crossing. This guy answered: There is no border control on this road, but you can cross the border by using this road. In addition he mentioned that this road is pretty bad and not recommended to bike riders. For me a very interesting answer, as you can cross anywhere. There seem to be similar options for border crossing between Montenegro and Albania.

Today I do the very last preparation for manual navigation, marking the perfect route on the paper map as well as a list of cities and villages that shall be crossed during the trip, so in a case of no electricity, I can still reach Canakkale.

  • Komoot
  • RideWithGPS
  • Google Maps
  • Google Earth
  • Garmin BaseCamp
  • Ivan Puja (local joker and communicator)

Recharging all possible batteries now. As the times before, continuous electricity is going to be a challenge again.

By tomorrow I plan to depart towards Brussels and Geraadsbergen then.

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 14.06.19