As I met Frank several times during the time from Geraadsbergen to Canakkale, he sent the link to his memories about the transcontinental race.

First time we met on a climb in Switzerland. The longest time for sharing thought was in Croatia, Macedonia as well as Greece. It is really surprising how such a crowd can start at one point and after less than a day, you can ride this race almost by yourself. Soon you meet the usual suspects that obviously have a similar speed as yourself.

Frank’s blog, as the picture link may sometimes not work in the responsive version.

What a wonderful writing! I really enjoyed flying with you, again! It was funny reading and recalling so many moments of these almost two unique weeks! The respect about the dogs is a big difference between you and me, for me goose bumps every single night! I am just realizing you had much bigger self discipline than I had during this ride. When I felt like having a break -and I often felt like that- I took a break, no matter where and what for. The summary is pretty similar: you usually need way less of equipment than you think you may need.
Thank you for sharing your memories in such an adventurous and detailled way!