By the beginning of next week my wheels gonna head north, again. Another week in Rostock, followed by the second part of Transcimbrica.

I expect to start my ride in rain. From my current forecast the won’t be much different weather conditions than rain until reaching the coast. And it is definitely not going to be warm out there. If things are running well, we won’t drop below zero, two digits temperatures will still be missing.

The forecast for Transcimbrica edition 2 still looks like a proper winter ride, some light snow just before the race start, pretty much the exact same conditions as last year, some things must stay stable. I still have some respect about the wind forecast, we will see how much this remains the same.

Anyway, the bike is getting bored so it is time to get in action mode. I am also still in some kind of wintersleep mode, as it is still winter, this shall be okay.

Keen to start north from Hamburg. Looking forward meeting the guys from last year, soon!