This time my bike did pretty well in Denmark and on its way there, crossing Harz and visiting the baltic sea.


Since the decisiom to change tires to Schwalbe Marathon Plus 25mm I am completely satisfied. Might be I am a little slower, might be they weigh more than double of a conto gp or 4seasons, but no more flats again, never. One bigger stone cut itself into the rear tire two days ago, I just peeled it off and went on.


This is still the one and only weak point of this selection. As much as I like the Trickstuff Doppelmoppel converter solution, I gonna be so happy when sram finally reveals his hrd lever to the public. The doppelmoppel is a real hazzle. Now I have to check with Trickstuff whether on of the four pistons from the rear break is sucking air or water, it does not work 100% anymore. These brakes are noisy but amazing!


Nothing need to be said about sram red etap. Electronic yes, for many reasons. Yesterday afternoon I replaced the two small batteries, after app. 2000km with pretty strong shifting. Considering the wifli rear derailleur as soon as there are some review about the real range for the cassette.

Lights, hub and the plug

These days I am cycling with full lights throughout the day. Safety first. Since I finally installed the rear light from supernova, I am done with battery driven lights on this bike.

Rene showed me his buffer battery pack, which I was looking for for a long time. Heard about this project from Dresden before. As it was looking pretty odd, I did not follow it any further, need to get back in this loop. I brought an additional battery pack for garmin and phone, it lasted for four days, fine so far.
Mud guards

Crud Racer Mk3 is not a common or known company, the product deserves a test. Velcro fastener to mount it to the frame, adjustable at any time. Only the nose of mine flew away at some time in the wind, should be fixed with a plastic screw as it was for all parts at the mk2 generation. Tried to stop vibrations between mud guard and frame during riding with some pieces of wine gum.

Since this bag came into my hands, I am in love with it. No complaints about this bag, it just fits and joins you wherever you ride!