Mike Hall. You were a truly passionate that inspired me to go further. How did you find your way into cycling, I do not even know about it.

Fact is that you found your passion in cycling. No, even better you found your personal freedom in cycling, in cycling longer than usual, much much longer. My focus is not so much about the racing aspect but the aspect that you had the attitude to encourage others to follow you on your road or better your concept of cycling. To me it appears you could really only be yourself when you were on your bike. You took any kind of challenges as long as they were related to riding the bike under self-supported conditions. You added one aspect that is not in my focus at all, you really wanted to win, to be the fastest guy of all. You succeeded in doing so.

For me the most important message you delivered is not about racing. It is much more the fact that we all do not really know what we are capable of. This is the greatest lesson I learnt from you, Mike. You demonstrated a special kind of confidence, as simple as “Just do It”. This  very simple fact that you taught me to see. For me it changed everything and set another focus on my life.

If you take your time to ride a bike, you can actually reach amazing distances that you never ever believed you can reach in a surprisingly short amount of time. I am so full of impressions -impressions about myself and everything around- after such a ride, I cannot tell anyone.

The actual circumstances of your death are dramatic in any imaginable way. From my point of view, there is a very positive thing, you passed away while doing what you loved most.This may be a true dream from many of us.

Thank you Mike, you made me listen to an absolutely simple lesson, to believe in myself. And the second step followed by myself, go for it. Ride in peace!


source: instagram – @ipwr