Even if not originally from TCR, I always relate this quote to it!

Countdown is ticking down the last days and hours before the fifth edition of transcontinental race finally begins!

Finally and luckily my registration process is through now. The bike is rolling very, very smooth. Few more grease and electric cabling stuff needs to be finished by tonight. And a new rear wheel needs to be mounted, that gonna cost me one tool and a tube, at least!

Almost all items that had been sent out for service, had been returned successfully. Garmin is the only wonderful exception, that brilliantly describes the German Service Desert. Sent out after HardCro with the request to replace the USB connector, they did not give any feedback for quite some time, so I called them on Monday and they let me know that due to a system change, they let me know that they have to keep it at least for another 20 days. He could not even tell me whether the device had arrived in their service department.Ouch. Drawing my route on the map and getting back on city and village names lists, is what I will end up with, definitely for safety. A good friend of mine borrowed me his Garmin 820. I am not used to it at all and the display is significantly smaller, and it is no touch, I think. Let us see, how this is going to work out.

All stuff for the bags is selected, at least in my mind. As it became pretty freezing cold here during the last days, I will add a warmer layer as well as some leg and arm warmers.

Also I guess that I will take my mattress with me, this is definitely a pure piece of luxury but gives more room for the selection of a sleeping place, as I do not have to find a wooden something, as I usually did before.

I had quite a headache with replacing my Supernova converter, as it was located inside my fork and I had to replace it. For the first time I chose to hammer a standard 1″ ahead crown (?), this procedure I wanted to avoid to be done another time. The standard supernova one is for 1 1/8″, i found one from Trickstuff called Deckele. Dimensionwise it was meant to fit but no. So I put out some tools and adjusted the aluminium tube inside the carbon fork as well as the supernova removeable crown that allows a cable to go through. Finally things worked out smoothly!

Packing the bags was the fastest action even though it was difficult enough to decide clothing for hot days as it was pouring down and getting colder during the last days.

Drawn a long line on the paper map, yesterday night, together with my amazing wife who supports me so so much. As a plan C or D, just be prepared!

Now I am heading towards Brussels, planning to arrive there during the evening. Then I plan to cycle over to Geraadsbergen and see what will happen!

Looking very much forward to the next days!

Ride on! Ride far! Ride safe!