Getting up and feeling a little tired, not really fit. Coming into Gorizia having the last Italian breakfast and enjoying it. Crossing the border as the heat
Was coming back to the road. My idea Was to successfully cross Ljubiljiana and get up a little further, maybe to Celje. Only when arriving in Ljubiljiana I remembered my river crossing trouble. Here it was again. The same bridge was selected for crossing. This time I went very close to the bridge which was motorway, only. I found my way und the bridge and climbed it in my cycling shoes to see that there was a gravel path on this bridge. Hallelujia. Sometimes you win, sometimes you loose. Okay, river crossed then find my way along a bike blocked road until it was not anymore. Ice cream already had high season and I loaded some ice cream burek and yoghurt for dinner, somewhere outside. As it got later the wind got stronger and suddenly black clouds showed up on my lefthand side. My idea was to get upfront this weather. I speeded up a little and it was great fun. I unzipped my jersey so the car driver can realize heavy winds are going on and I might need some more room on the road than usual! It was a blast, the wind became a storm and while chasing down the road I tried to scan the flying by villages for shelters, if suddenly rain was pouring down. I made it to Celje and the strom stopped. I quickly decided to turn left into a petrol station at the end of the village. Stopping the bike opened the doors in the clouds and a monsterous rain with incredible strokes came down. I got a large sweet drink and started to have dinner. Cars were turning in to hide from this weather. It was abviously a good decision to have chosen this shelter. Spent the night here as well as it did not stop for hours.


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