Two years ago I came across Komoot as a simple and really smart route planning tool. Over the time, Komoot improved a lot, still there are situations on the road that got named ‘only happens with komoot’.

Being out in the middle of nowhere, at least for my way of routing, it is not comfortable to get updates or reroutings directly on a small and overloaded garmin display. Usually I am trying to get out of any situation with komoot or google. Doing longer re-plannings there was always a huge lack to get komoot information onto the garmin when out on the road.

As garmin has an IQ-app platform for many of their devices, finally komoot took the step onto the mobile devices from garmin.

It took me a while to connect my phone (garmin connect app) with the device. You have to select your device in garmin-connect-devices. Then the IQ-app will let you log-in.

But after this one was through, things went amazingly smooth. I cannot imagine a more seamless solution.

Routing directly with komoot is -at least in my case- a massive energy consuming solution. Even more during the cold times of the year.

Finally two worlds can merge …