One Krapfen a day …

Czech Republic – Austria

As we woke up after the sales lady shook the entrance fence of her shop, we quickly stuffed our items, while quickly rinsing the face and brushing the teeth, the baker arrived and offered some krapfen after he finished his delivery to the supermarket on which benches we spent the night. We continued our ride through some of the most rural areas that we visited until that time. Nothing, following by nothing. The agricultural machineries were so small and so old, I had seen this before in Serbia, Kosovo and Albania but not so much North. Somewhere we found a hidden coop market, the selection of food slightly reminded me to former times in Eastern Germany. Nico still was kind of tired but we made some reasonable progress into Brno. Traffic became busy and we went onto some heavy traffic roads, definitely not recommended for pair riding or cycling at all.

Not too far away from the border to Austria we stopped at a tesco, main reason:ice cream! As we got close to the border, we contacted Manfred, as he was around and told us he will wait for us at the border! We chose some smaller roads to get there, had some soups for dinner and rode into Austria together, Manfred with his velo mobile always in our tailwinds, for obeying the rules. We met some constructions on the roads, some blocked gravel roads that challenged Manfred to much, so we detoured due to Manfred. Just between 2200 and 2300 rain set in. It got heavier and our plan to pass Vienna during the night was delayed. We decided to stopp and rest inside a huge barn which door was still open due to garage sales of some diaries and vegetables. About 1 1/2hours after the three of us went to sleep, the owner showed up and shouted at us. As I could hardly understand him, Manfred took over and tried to talk to him, not really convincing him to  the better. He left the scene to send his son, so finally his son sent us off the place, even though we explained the situation. After we were ready to get back into the rain, he offered us to stay behind the barn on the outside of the building under a big extended roof. We accepted and decided to leave at 0430 so we could reach Vienna during the early hours of the day.


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