The Return

Getting on the bus towards Slovenia, Austria and in the early morning to Germany. The roughly talked about cycling over to Heidelberg from Nuremberg. After some soso resting hours on the way back to Germany, we just woke up when arriving in Nuremberg. Nico mentioned right away that we should continue the comfortable travelling. After an extensive breakfast, we decided to stick to the plan and cycle over to Heidelberg from here. It was the first time that I really realized that Nuremberg ist almost further North than Heidelberg, so we only had to go West. Constantly up and down and today we had strong headwinds and German Police that taught us not to ride the bike next to each other but one behind the other. There was an amazing old mom that pulled out of a small narrow road just ahead of us, closely cutting our way. I had the intend to strongly hit the roof of her fancy old 190E Mercedes, but as I was afraid to shock this lady, I did not do anything at all except waving from behind. It was clearly visible through her mirror that the action of turning her car onto the main road was way too much of complexity for her. We talked about her and had a short laugh about it. About 20 mins later, we were having some ice creams outside of a supermarket, this mom showed up with her Mercedes Benz. She parked directly in front of us and it took her a long time to get out of her car. When she walked by, I politely asked her whether she had seen us today before. She replied that she had never seen us before. I told her that I truely believed her, but we already met her today and I showed into the direction of our first incident. She shook her head, said that this was impossible and that she was coming from another direction and walked on for shopping. Obviously confused. When she came back from shopping, she smiled at us, wished us a happy day and see you soon! Very memorable story as this lady almost hit us from the road and did not even realize for only one second what consequences her decision of still driving could have …


Some hours later, during our ride I texted with a good friend from Heidelberg, we met Hanno as we finally reached the river Neckar between Mosbach and Neckargerach. For sure along the river the route would have been a little longer, but elevation was over then. So Hanno was the train back home, the greatest comfort imaginable. We had some minor rain during our last miles home, but this could be easily accepted as we flew behind Hanno. After a very little chat in front of our place, we went for a shower, a proper dinner and a good sleep at home. This was the first time of almost cycling home from a tcr.



will follow soon.