Just some last work until noon. Dismantled the bike yesterday evening and quickly checked if everything I wanted to bring with me fits into the bags. More or less, yes. It did. I left some of my legendary Transcimbrica Power Balls home as I could not carry them all. Travelling to the airport by train, I put all bike bags into the bike box as well as a folded cart box and some tape. Reaching the check-in of royal air maroc in Frankfurt, I first had to pay for the carriage of the bicycle, but no, not with plastic money. Go and find an atm then come back but don‘t be too slow … but they will look after my bike, so generous. Well, finished that one I proceeded through electronic passport control and security check. Today there was a final boarding check in to waiting area. For my first time ever I just left my waiting seat and walked into the plane, without any check. Nice move.

On the plane there had been some real action as the German Bundespolizei escorted some guys back to Morocco. They were all sitting in the rear of the plane. Two of them started screaming as if they were dying directly when the doors were closed. They did not stop, the plane left parking position, taxied and took off. Two of the guys went crazy, the moroccan and other fellows on the plane were properly scared. There mus have been a proper dibalance in the plane, a welcome challenge for the first officer. Screaming show delay: 35mins.

Arriving in Casablanca, it was kind of chaos. The shuttle bus could not find its way to out arrival gate. I had to accept that there is really no rush, even if my transfer time was gone. Arriving at the gate, the connecting flight was delayed also. This info was not shown anywhere. Nevermind, gate was changed twice after I arrived. Everything is easy and it seems there is a flow, somewhere. Taxing to the runway towards Marrakech. Gonna be there on time.