What a crazy day today. As a race day (starting at 2200) I crossed the border from France to Switzerland, climbed three passes

  • Grindelwald – need to check it later
  • Grimselpass – 2165m
  • Furkapass – 2496m

After that I went to to Andermatt. Got some very last hot tea and lying in my bivy next to the church. This is going to be my standard procedure from now on, pretty successful to find a good place.

Grindelwaldpass has the steeped finish I ever met, I draw zigzag lines on the floor. Going down, changing all breaking pads and cleaning the disks. All stocks filled with food, then up. Grimsel, heavy climb again, not nice at all. I had several breaks on the way up even though getting into climbing afterna break was really painful. No people around, only the bells from cows and sheep.

After descendinh from Grimsel I met James in front of a Hotel, checking his route. As I was a frozen iceblock from the descend, I communicated my plan to go inside and have a soup. He joined, this was a surviving idea. Good soup, good rest.

Going up to Furka was stunning as it was a dark climb as well as descending through the cloud towards Andermatt.

Guys, this had been the craziest day in my cycling history. I just woke up in my bivy outside. It feels as if temperatures are minus, but no it is 6 degree celsius. Yesterday night I got rid of my wet clothes, unfortunately they are all still wet. The fact of getting them on again, just kills me right now. Ride on!

Enjoy your day, I gonna enjoy mine. This is my wakeup view: