I have made it. Found the eye of the needle and made it out of the mountains amazingly. First I doubted this way was right, because I had to climb up to Erto. After that I had the most amazing descend of almost 60kms with the longest tunnel crossing (4kms) of my life.

This all already happend with some rain. After being down in the flat land, I slipped in a roundabout, really nothing happened. Smooth landing and all cars had been far away for watching only.

Now I stopped at a small bar t have some toast for lunch. After finishing the first two, a heavy thunderstorm began with loads of rain. Lucky me. I gotta wait now.

I wanted to recharge my battery-pack. Since the flash hit something, there is no electricity.

Before it started I just promised to myself that I won’t ride in the flat when there are thunderstorms outside. You can understand why I am superstitious sometimes?

Morning breakfast

My tracker and mayday device

Traffic lights for entering the tunnel