Is just a beautiful place I never knew of before.

I finally found my long awaited compression socks. He owns a tiny excellently equipped sportsshop on my track. We talked for a while and finally he gave me one his own collection socks. Amazing.

I told him that I want a farewell to Italy caffè and something nice for dinner. We went for a caffè and lateron He showed me a really cosy place for dinner.

Having an extensive break in this place. Having Gnocchi with goulasch, caprese and crepes. Karmel and John (media car) did join for dinner, there must be something to locate me. Brilliant company, that is just life!

Craig (173) also joined for dinner, he will stay in this place until tomorrow. As it just rained, I can write these lines.

In between I was really tired, but now I am feeling good. Changing plans to the good one, is the best that can happen! This is exactly why I am here and enjoy it so much!