Saturday was a really exhausting day, combined with the night of Friday. I am happy to have arrived in Knin now.

I was slightly aggressive this morning as I did not/ could not ride on during the night. I could put this aggression onto the road with my weak legs until I found a PEKARA (bakery) in Otocac. The lady was nice and she had some strong food left for me including Borek. So my mood changed into the better, also a coke I could get. A little bit further up the road, I got some coffee, so the basics had been collected and the day could start.

Might be my downest morning so far, I am quite well back in line, I think. Smile is back on my face and I could enjoy another Espresso in Knin, downtown.

Won’t set a target for today, Mostar is on the list that is for sure. If I challenge a border crossing at night, we will see. Did several major points during the darkness, which I would have preferred to see during daylight! Climbing without daylight is no fun at all, as you don’t know when it is done. 

Anyway. It is Sunday. Enjoy it. Have a good lunch, rest and some time for each other!