Cycling many smaller hills in Kosovo and assuming to take a shortcut, I went up a longer hill, in the beginning of dawn.

The surprising thing on that day was that each village had on house with open gates and loud music. I did not investigate into this one, it looked as if there was a special festival day going on. As I learnt from another rider, yes special day: Saturday.

I came up to that lonely peak and there was a place looking like a restaurant, as I was looking for one, I could not resist in entering this place. The waiter came out immediately to help me with my bike and showing me the way in.

Having a seat, the guys inside – inside was room for max. 8 people- tried to get me involved in their round. There were already pretty drunk what made them really nice people, probably. As each one of them looked like a bear for himself.

As one guy spent some time in Germany and I remembered some Russian, we could have a rather good conversation. Here one of my basic rules for conversation in the US came in place! No talks about politics and religion. This would make sure that I leave this place as welcomed as I came into it.

One of the guys, he seems to be the head of something, offered me to stay in his house over night. I told him that I only sleep every second night, which was a little lie. They told me that it is not safe riding through the night out here. As I told them for how long time I was already riding through the night, they asked me where my pistol was to protect myself against wild animals. I told them that I do not own a pistol and that I do not need one. At that moment all of the present guys, lifted their shirts and showed me their guns. Hu, this was a really strange moment.

As it is impossible for me to look through these influences of the military onto the people, it is definitely a difficult thing. Each village has big painted walls with their army heroes that protected the villagers. I cannot say anything about the separation of executive and legislative levels in such areas or even countries. Old bosses also remain bosses in the new organisation.

Shortly before I left my dinner place, an escort of three big cars rushed to that restaurant and the guys walked through the restaurant, saying hello to everyone by kissing left and right. Also I got involved in that ceremony, the stinking foreigner. Led out by the guy that I called Boss,  these guys went outside to a separate table to discuss whatever. This was a special moment during my ride and I cannot be certain that these guys were always nice. This is the moment when history and ethnies come into place. For example, if I was a Serbian, definitely I would not have been welcomed at that place, the way I was.