Good morning from Macedonia. After cycling through Kosovo hills and mountains for hours my achillies went on strike, although I wanted to pedal through the night.

I had a rest at an UCK memorial. Around six I got up, as I had to walk down some stairs, I was really afraid to fall as my feet are able to walk anymore, bicycle only.

I took about a rough hour until my feet accepted me as their boss, again. Then we went into the hills between Kosovo and Macedonia, crossed the border and headed into Skopje. Although I would love to see something of this town, I decided to find the shortest way through, as traffice was getting more and more and warmer as well.

Now, 0900 I am having breakfast with Börek, espresso and water. Rebecome a börek fan!

After breakfast I gonna head towards the border. Not pushing too hard, find a good/ acceptable flow.

Picture follow, even if I did not take a lot!

These guys deserve a separate story.