Another two hours of snoozing, then I got up again and planned how to get back home. First thing, I needed to find a box for my bike, as I decided not to carry on, as my original plans let me to Vienna, wanted to visited my oldest and best friend over there. Stopping and changing plans is a very important ability of endurance cycling, knowing when things are too challenging. I accepted the physical request of my body, best choice. I also accepted to continue my trip on Sunday and not during Saturday. So Nico booked a flight for my bike and myself for Sunday morning from Osijek. Mladen gave me a paperbox for my bike and offered me a lift to the ‘International Airfield of Osijek’, I immediately accepted his offer, as I looked at this way as my perfect solution. After I wanted to make quick decision not to be occupied by solving this matter for too long, Zoltan offered me to take me to Hungary and find some other airport. Miran also offered me to give me a lift towards Graz or similar. So for the next time, I will leave this even more open, as in China. Keep it flexible until the last moment. I had a good rest at the airfield for almost 14 hrs, what who cares. I did not.

After we left the scene of the Ilok finish line, we met some family of Mladen, had some wine and some fruits at an absolutely cosy place in the country side, wow! Grounded, feeling home and pure! Thank you for this farewell stoppover!

Later on we waved goodbye to Tanja who decided to cycle back home towards Steiermark.

It was an amazing race, again. For myself the public was more active during the first race. More people cheering from cars and in the villages. Still there were some during this race, it felt less, I am not certain if it was only a feeling. Last year I met one guy who chased my on Slovenian territory to guide me a smoother way to Sveti Martin and asking my why I did this. After the finish of the race I realized that my DSQ was actually good for the race, at least on social media level.

A great thank you to the organisers, media guys and all the riders that made it to the starting line! I enjoyed almost every second of the race, except snailing around Zagreb. Hopefully see you again!