There was no flat at all.


Supernova The Plug III

Already before my departure I realized it was not working anymore. I decided to carry my biggest powerbank with me. The replacement from Supernova arrived today. New Plug and two new converter. Pretty perfect action, thanks a lot from my side.


Chris King

My free ride issue. It took me some time and a telephone call with my wheelbuilder (Light-Wolf Laufradbau) of how to get the freeride off. I tried to find a bike shop that was servicing ChrisKing. I gave up after a good while and talked to Cosmic Sports who are the general importer for Germany. I sent them the complete wheel and waiting for their feedback. I already needed to replace two bearing after the first three months. Now it is more or less 12 months after the last service. This was definitely not my expectation of this high quality product. Warranty is still in progress, we will see what will happen in this matter.



The mounting station for my iphone is brilliant, but for some points it appears to be weak. It is now the second time that the two connecting pieces were damaged by simply fixed and taking off the phone. The first replacement was fairly simple, let us see how Rokform is looking at the new replacement request.




I already told you that I did not carry the device with me during the race.

As long as the rubber cap above the usb connector is closed the device fulfils IP67 standards, if you need to charge your device on the road in bad weather conditions, IP67 is –of course- totally gone. Trying to figure out a solution for improvements, but this is not so easy, right now. First of all, the device is now on its way to Garmin for a replacement of the usb connection point.

I am waiting for the reply of Garmin and see how to proceed.



The electric supply is my only issue on this bike. I am not certain which cables to use, and how to cover the connection points. I already struggled last year in finding a passthrough powerbank as I wanted to constantly charge the powerbank and supply two devices constantly. I bought an monster powerbank from Anker that promoted itself to be able to handle the passthrough functionality. It did not, but still I took it with me, as there was no more time. I will spend some more time on these matters, I guess I gonna try the magnetic connections for the iphone (lightning) and the Garmin (micro usb).

Let us see, how these things are going to be solved, for sure not by waiting. Some solution must be found and decided, soon!