Just sitting in the race briefing. Met many many familiar and new faces, exciting day. I did sleep outside on top of the muur with an amazing view all over the flat lands of Belgium. After having met with Pawel and Emilian for dinner and the last beer for the next days.
Had a brilliant breakfast with four fried eggs and two coffees. I had my breakfast together with Kajsa. We talked for a good while until I asked for her name and I somehow remembered her name from evening talks with Nico. So I had to tell her that I think I know her name as my wife talks about where she was cycling. Kajsa, please excuse my ignorance, it was not on purpose. She easily explained to me that she cycled 51.xxx kms in 2016. Aaaaaha, no words for that. So we had an extensive breakfast, until 1130. Later we headed over to registration together with Pawel and Emilian who showed up as well.
At the registration point there had already been many guys and many beautiful bikes. This is one of my great favours during registration aside to talking to the family and new faces!

An amazing number of women take part this year!

Received my hat close to received my brevet card. Now only the clock has to tick down to 2200…


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