Dictated while riding:
Had a long rest, almost 6 hours just before Speyer on a playground. Headed into the town for a quick breakfast and crossed the river rhine. By the time it got warmer or even hotter and climbing came back on the menu. Didn’t see any other rider for hours, just when I stopped for lunch at the small Turkish restaurant. Climbs got more frequent and steeper, it was a proper preparation for the day coming. During the early afternoon, no mid afternoon, I arrived at checkpoint one. It was crowded so I jumped in to stamp to my brevet card and left for the parcours. It was still warm and I wanted to make some miles even though I knew I won’t even get as close to the total kilometers as the day before. Around midnight or 1 o’clock I stopped as strong Lightning Strokes where showing up on the left and on the right of my path. Another bus stop another night sleep tight.


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