As every morning, getting up, again and getting things ready for another day. It must have been a Sat or Sunday, as I was slightly concerned about getting some breakfast, soon. But it turned out not to he a problem. Just in the next village some early drinkers set a hint to a bar and so it was. Just next door, a little supermarket was placed so I could all I needed to a first breakfast! I placed myself to the drinkers and we had some simple conversation going on. It let to a serious bicycle inspection. They could not believe the story and walked up and down and shook their heads. After an extended breakfast in the shadow with plenty of coffee and chocolate filled croissants, it was time to move. Met some aggressive car drivers on car-forbidden roads. Of course then this is moments are calling me for a polite education of the driver. In the end I locked the gate where I left the path, not sure where he got out. This day was kind of boring, in the heat of the noon, after crossing really sandy and ugly sections, I finally made it to Carei, small village with high life at noon. I stopped myself and had some cold drinks and a lunch. A soup and an omelette, happy me. During this day -already in Hungary- I met Simon and Fabian more than once, I rested more than one time under some trees as the heat was strongly pressing down! After the Carei break I had my first impressions on Romanian roads and drivers, it was not as expected. It was not as bad es expected! I was quite happy. Another hour later I stopped in a small village just under a tree it was just too hot again. To my surprise people stopped in the other side of the road and climbed down somewhere to fill their empty bottles with water. I had to choose whether I have a short rest first if I headed over immediately. I first got two bidons of water and then I had a nap, this made me feel good, laying down on the grass in the shadow, having ice cold water, some sugars and some nuts. I saw several rider forcing themselves to ride on in that heat. I spotted a church, so if the angry looking sky wanted to start pouring the rain down, there was a good shelter for me. It took me another hour of daytime until I could decide and motivate myself to ride on! I did until the rain came down, probably around two hours later, silent strokes showed up in the sky and slowly the rain started. It gave me enough time to leave the route and find another shelter next to the church. At least it had a big enough roof but all sides open. It became windy as well so this was the minor of my shelter.
Dinner time in the early dark, limited choice but sufficient energy: 2 packs of dried exotic fruits and nuts together with two trays of sardines, a bottle of water aside. I took them all. Good night.


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