Had breakfast in front of an antique comminist konzum with some old lads. Then I stopped at some carpenters door and asked him where to get safety glasses. After I explained my trouble, he handed me over his own sun glasses. This was actually not my plan, but now I had to accept that and was thankful, although this was still no solution for the night. Now it was day, so I could head on! But also here, heat was setting in, and I stopped in every village for ice cream. First it was not easy to see the milk shops but I trained myself pretty quickly! I started with two ice creams per stopp, later I ate three, before the final climb I have had 23 ice creams on that day. But I did not feel like it at all.
Keep grinding, at the horizon, the high tatras were already showing their face! Another heritage was appearing next to the road, wodden churches. Never seen them before in such shape and combination, obviously this was common around here and I will meet them later again. Well, absolutely impressive, standing just there on some small hills, it looks! Getting there, climbing them, changing the cleats, getting down again. Unfortunately two mountain bikers overtook me, so I started racing them, that was a bad mistake. I had a snakebite at my rear wheel, so I had to fix the flat on the descend. After finishing all of that, I have seen both mtb riders at the bottom sitting aside of the path, holding their bleeding heads. Probably every single one of us learnt his lesson.
So this had been the most north check point after the start in Geraadsbergen. Now it was on to make the way through Hungary over to Romania. Climb many hills and one after the steep climbs, short but steep, it required power it was not smooth. I took another stop for pickles, fish, salami slices and some yoghurts, people looked at me as if I came from another planet when I was eating all that stuff in front of the shop. I passed some Sinti and Roma ghettos, this was really looking so sad. Houses built out of waste, on waste. Around nothing but waste. Burning plastic, at least it smelled like that and the smoke was that dark. I decided for a late dinner in Kosice, what a beauty of the East Slovakia, was was really surprised what suddenly appeared in front of my eyes, after climbing and descending around in the Slovakian night. I had a poor MCD meals but I was hungry for it, so it was fine for me. Checked the places other that the bars and cafe’s, did not see anything that was appealing to me. Meanwhile I had been slightly to meet some bear or another wild animal. The roads that let through the woods had been so so narrow but there was nothing, other than wild boars.
I only made it just across the border, into Hungary. Dogs were out on the roads inside the villages so there I would not have a shelter anywhere. Once a dog woke me up in Croatia, no need for more experience.
Found a nice bus shelter but, the bench was so small that I had to sleep on my side.also it was terribly humid so no clothes could dry over night and the sleeping bag would soak humidity as well. I do not like these nights, most nights had been very humid.


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