This was a rough start. Usually I am lucky when someone from the family gets sick. This time I caught something an brought it to Geraadsbergen. I guess we are way behind, but slowly I feel life is going back into my venes.

My stomache plays the drums constantly, the fever is still quite present and everytime I see some proper food I get sick. I am sure it can get worse but now it is time to get better. We are having a rest with a view now in Luxembourg and then the we will see what tomorrow brings.

Nico feels great and is just a great supporter, even though I do not want anybody close when I feel sick. She is just happy about the long resting times at night, knowing that we will cut them more and more.

Technical question:

My wife is riding a rear derailleur from shimano dura ace. When she is shifting into the lower gears the chain jumps between the lower wheel of the coq and the cage. No clue how to fix it. Already shortend the chain and turned the positioning screw of the derailleur to the max. Thanks for ideas!