Good morning. After getting up on Luxembourg ground and having the last day full of rain and thunderstorms we finally reached the Black Forest. Yesterday was a constant British weather. It was lovely rain all day long spiced with some beautiful thunderstorms. Unfortunately they have been so strong at some time/many times that we had to rest more than we wanted to. With some beautiful passages in France Germany France Germany France Germany France I don’t know how many times we crossed this border and into the black forrest.

We had a terrible rest in the old shabby train station house but at least it was dry we reached it in the rain so all our clothes for vets and still wet when we got up again.

In total we have lost two days referring to the general classement. This is a lot of time as we are not reaching check points one in the required time. This does not mean that we cannot reach check point two with and request a time. The thunderstorm that we caught up with yesterday in France and Germany and France and Germany and France and … (not sure how many times we crossed the border) will play around in the alps today. So I am sure that more than one other rider will have a similar experience as we had yesterday.

For sure we are in again. This is it for the moment we finished our breakfast now and then we carry-on.