Well some days have passed and we got along quite well. We had some hills in Czech republic we had some ugly climbs in Poland and on the return we had some nice heat again and check republic wonderful rains and thunderstorms in Austria and finally today we crossed the border too Hungary. It seems we have some tailwinds today so we only have short stops for tons of ice cream – to get as far South-East as we can. Things are fine wheels on moving nicely. Ice cream taste great and Kefir as well. Waiting for the first day to finally have a good Burek on the road!

Last night we had a special meeting with an Austrian farmer was quite angry that we camped in his open garage. Finally he offered us to stay outside under the huge roof of another office garages. Let’s say Austrian happy end in pouring rain.

During the last days we had some nice visitors on the road Ivan from HardCro, Manfred from Vienna as well as Max from Vienna.