After we flew through Hungary on Saturday, we had been in the flow quite a lot.

Manfred in his velo-mobile followed us until the Hungarian border, meeting was a great idea, thank you Manfred. Also catching up with Max at the beginning of Donau Insel, was just in time. It did not even feel like ages at all, that we have met for the last time. Had a good breakfast on Rochus market and letting some good rains pass.

It was the first day with significantly less elevation, in the sun it was hot but we had quite some nice sections through the woods. I would plan like this, again. We had good bunches of ice cream and well chilled coke’s. Btw, I am really loving TUC cracker on these rides, now there are even some flavor options. We decided to ride until 1930-2000 to find some nice place for dinner then. Then Nagykanizsa showed up on the horizon. As we did not want to waste even more time, we decided to just cross the city, there will be some nice place at the end of the road. And it was. A fancy little place with an amazing menu. Nico chose some local noodles with veal, I sticked to my goulasch soup habits during this ride. Some good espressi in the end and we rode on. Eating often gives you an extra portion of tiredness. On the climb out of the city, we were stopped by the police, reflective vests were missing. The two guys were surprising that we easily pulled out two of these vests. They were happy and let us cycle on. It took us some more hills until we reached the border between Hungary and Croatia. In the dark, in the middle of nowhere, but two police officers, a Hungarian woman and a Croatian man, sharing one border patrol office.

We set over to Croatia and immediately I explained again to Nico how to behave when dogs come running. Okay, for the first dogs, I let her cycle on and solved the situation by myself. I have to add that it was only small dogs coming out that night. We planned to ride through the night a little longer into Croatia, but then many hunters appeared. It sounded as if they were drunken or as if we were in war, scary. In addition we had some small dogs, for simple learning sessions. They shot just next to us, you could not see anybody, only the shots. And they sounded as if there was a big lack of coordination. Some miles ahead, we could still hear them, we found a bus stop which was big enough as a shelter for the two of us and our bicycles. We chose it and rested here, until around five o’clock in the morning. On a wooden bench, without mattress, only on top of bivy and sleeping bag, as it was still really warm.

The next day should begin very early to get as close as possible to Bjelanica.