Loosing confidence, only wanting to rest.


In the early morning we packed our stuff and headed back onto the road. I cannot say why but I did not feel like cycling at all. Uncomfortable stomach, weak legs, sore neck and hurting eyes. All indicators for staying in bed at once. We made it to the next petrol station but only by thinking about food, I got even more sick. In the shadow on the outside of that petrol station, I rested and slept for some more hours, while Nico tried to get drinks and food that I may like. Finally, she decided to rest as well.

NICO: One of my rules since a Brevet 400 (where another woman and I decided to ride together) was: if the other is resting/has a toilette/needs to eat, do the same! So f Max is sleeping, also sleep.

After lunchtime she figured out a place to stay for the night, so we slowly set off. Nothing more happened that day. Having some coke‘s that did not improve anything, eating none. Having no plan, other than not giving up but having a day off.

NICO: When I first realized on that day that Max was obviously sick, I was disappointed. Since my legs were fresh, I wanted to pedal. Still on that TCRNo6 high feeling all I wanted to do was ride my bike. But for me, us, riding as a pair meant, that you stay toghether and support each other. Actually, beeing married meens the same to me.

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