Forcing myself back onto the saddle, the race slowly begins.


We left our home for the night around 0730. The landlord was already watering the gardens and the two huge Bernersennen dogs protected our bikes that were stored in an old cowshed. I did not feel like cycling at all, but to show some confidence, we started slowly. Every 10-20 kms we had to stop for a while and it felt like a great achievement, of course only for myself. We cycled through Belgium and made it to the border to Luxembourg. Just in the last village, Nico needed some food, so I accepted for giving it a try. But as the croque monsieurs arrived, my motivation of trying some food was totally gone. It looked as if it was swimming in fat before jumping onto the grill. Just disgusting! It took both of us to finish one of the two within an hour. We moved on slowly and took a rest on a huge meadow with a wonderful view over the past hills and the sky. Falling asleep was not difficult at all, we stayed here until the next morning. Not really feeling any better, especially after this dinner, but far away from scratching. Even though also we discussed that it is time for Nico to head on, which she did not do. Definitely for her it was a real pity. Being at the tcr but not cycling it, just waiting for a sick guy that was moving like a snail. Her dreams and visions were fading away, slowly!

NICO: Actually, during this time I was also thinking (or dreaming?) of an alternative ride with Max. Since TCRNo6 seamed to fade away, we were free to do something else. I always dreamt about cycling with Max to Italy, enjoy the coffee and food and do a more relaxed kind of cycling. We had the kids at Max mother´s place. That oportionity we must not pass up. That was for sure. And I was certain that Max would recover sooner or later during the next days.

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