Feeling better, no need to wait for rain.


Waking up on that meadow and feeling slightly better. Totally empty body but no more strong sickness for me, a big step ahead. It was clear that getting forward without any energy may become difficult. Still we decided to throw away the rest fatty food from dinner into the bin, no way for a second chance. We descended and climbed the hills of Luxembourg and crossed the border into Germany. If I remember right, it was Schengen where we left Luxembourg, right into a German supermarket. Food, but what to take if you were not hungry at all and you definitely need to avoid any kind of sickness. We chose some, some I tried and left others I ate. And as the rain started to fall, we decided to head on. As I was still really weak, the next break was not far away, a small praying place, next to the road. We had a rest and fixed Nico‘s rear derailleur that did not shift correctly, a small hack of of juice bottle cap, it worked until the end of our race.

NICO: What a relief! Still more relief to come.

It was a day full of rain and thunderstorms from the morning until the night. For this day we chose a good portion of climbing until the afternoon until the Ardennes were crossed. Scenerywise it was a nice day. Then we had smooth cycling paths along rivers and canals until we crosses the river Rhine between Strasbourg and Kehl. We had plenty of stops/ helpful rests as rain and also flashes from thunderstorm became quite strong during the day and also at night. Heading into the first climbs of the black forrest, again rain got stronger and stronger. It is never a dream to get into your sleeping gear when you are wet. We had some basics discussions about how to make the decision of where to finally rest. As we were waiting in a shabby train station, until the rain was loosing some of his power. It did not seem to happen so we decided to convert wasted waiting time into quality resting time. Within short we figured out two comfortable option for resting and so we went to sleep a little earlier than planned. It made total sense as the rain did not stop for a good while. We decided to get up before the first train will stop at that station which was before 0500. A bbq party not too far away sent over some music vibes and noise of drunk people but to be honest, we were tired and fell asleep immediately after getting into the bivy.

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