Another day in Austria, decisions on equipment.


Descending towards Farker lake was rewarded with some scrumbled eggs for Nico and some bacon and eggs for myself, together with coffee, some rolls, cheese and salami. This was a proper basis and as Alina overtook us in the early morning at the border we must have done the same somewhere near. While we were having breakfast she showed up on the road and we both cheered!

After finishing our breakfast we decided to cycle through Austria without a special pace. We would love to reach river Danube at the end of the day or the next morning. Let‘s see how this will work out, no real steep climbs but continuous up an down. We stopped at some bike shops on the road, on cassettes in stock. Along our route there was no bike shop that could solve my brake issues, only one in Vienna. Finally there was one shop in Amstetten who manage to order the relevant parts for an installation on the early next day. I have to admit that I did not do this research by myself. The final clarification with the dealer and the confirmation that I can install the complete new brake system by myself was done by myself. Furthermore he confirmed to have available the required bigger cassette and a new chain for Nico‘s bike. A pure relief, things can go on. We pedaled had some ice creams in the shadow, it was burning hot. We met Alina again on the road and we stopped at a supermarket for some lunch and a rest in the shadow. Cornichons, slices of salami, bananas, apple, ice tea, coke, chilled coffee and ice cream. After we rested for a good while we moved on, into the evening and into the night. That night was a brilliant motivation for each other, benefit of pair riding. We finally made it to Amstetten in the early hours of the next morning. We found the bike shop and the two benches not too far away. Good sleep, good night.


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