Working on the bikes before getting into the rolling hills.


Getting up and moving over to the bike shop. Dimitry was waiting already to get his bike fixed as well. We introduced each other as Nico and myself do not wear the heavy tcr hats, so we cannot be identified by our number. We bought some delicious sandwiches on the other side of the road and also some hot drinks after the guy from the bikeshop told me that the brakes have not arrived yet. While we were having our breakfast in front of the shop a delivery guy arrived and I was sure he was bringing our stuff. And so it was. After breakfast disassembly and reinstallation began. After the guy from the workshop made sure the bleeding set did fit the new brake system, we cut the old hydraulic cables, no way back! I finally decided to take off every component from trickstuff, as I was not 100% sure if it was only the converter or maybe also some interaction with the pistons. I took the risk of a totally newly installed brake system, from my personal evaluation this was the safest way to go. Nico took another nap for two hours, this was the time it took to reactivate the two bicycles. To both of us this was a great relief! We carried on and crossed the river Danube. While working on the bikes, Ivan sent a message that he is delayed as it was very windy and too hot for him! We wanted to meet for some company. We let him know that we carry on and will catch up later during the day. After having had an ice cream for lunch with Alina we climbed into the rolling hills of ‚flat Austria‘. This was a tough day with many smaller rests and ice creams. In the early evening, Nico was in the mood for a good rest for this night.

NICO: And a shower! Since climbing Mangart I wanted to reward myself with it.

It took a little while until we succeeded but we did.

NICO: Google maps showed me a place in a small village that shoud have rooms. I went inside and all eyes went on me. Some men were sitting on the „Stammtisch“ and I asked if there is a diner and a room available. One guy pointed at an older man at the bar. So I asked him again. He seamed confused and actally drunk. So one of the guest said that there are no rooms as some other cyclists had asked before without success. Back on the street I saw another Gasthaus nearby. Three old people were sitting inside. Shaking heads. I am german, so I should understand the peolple in Austria. That´s what I thought. At least I understood that they had no room, but in about 9km there is a village where I could find a nice one. I asked them to call that guy (since I was afraid of a phonecall in a foreign language, haha) and we found the place at once.

Inside there were already Alina and Rafael having dinner. I told Ivan where we were awaiting him at this place. Quickly rinsed the clothes

NICO: What a treat!

and only maybe 45mins later, he jumped in! Lots of stories were shared, we laughed a lot, had some food and some drinks! And committed each other -with Ivan- to leave that place early, at 0430. Good night.


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