As the maximum amount of bags is almost reached with my composition, some bags I left out in my arrangement.

There is no front bag that gets fixed at the handle bar.

Furthermore I left out the bag between the front tube and the seat post. All other standard bags are being used in my standard configuration.

I have seen very special combinations of bags, e.g. Frank, he used two bags at his handle bar and a special bag, where I have located my third bottle, between front wheel and bottom bracket.

My configurations as follows:

  • Frame bag from Revelate safe storage for all important documents, maps, manuals, money, batteries and cables. And tons of food, such as power bars and sugars.
  • Top tube/ head set bag stores cables, knife, phone during the rain
  • 2 chalk bags from Mammouth for food (Haribo and any kind of nuts) and coke or coffee cans
  • Saddlebag from Ortlieb. This bag just came out. By chance I read about it as I was searching on the Ortlieb website, ordered immediately and arrived in time. It can be quite huge, but it is waterproof. The first of its kind that I found. After two days in the rain with my revelate bag, thing got wet inside, which was not nice at all. After 13 days with this bag in the hills, I can confirm that this bag makes sense. On top you can wrap some food, which also was important for myself as I always need some stock!
  • 2 bottle holders that allow you to access the bottles from the side.
  • 1 bottle holder next to the bottom bracket as third bottle, I needed this one every single day. Getting this bottle out and back in is a little tricky, but you have to get used to this bike anyway.