For this was the most challenging thing of all, until the day of the race.

As I started a concept about the perfect bike in late 2015, including frame design and gear into its last pieces, it was a long way to go until things worked out, as I was wishing.

Various frame concepts had been in my mind, from a custom welded Factory Five frame, via some endurance geometries from the US (forgot about the name right now) to the newly presented cervelo line C. I tried to do some investigation and the new series, which was not really easy. As in our household there are more than only one bike, there is also another Cervelo R3 in action, which I really really love. So some experience was already existing, good preconditions. Hanno, one of my Heidelberg friends who is a passionate cyclist, also on a Cervelo S5, helped my with getting in touch with Cervelo for some more details and technical clarification on their technical realisations and details.

I went through all components in the very details, compared everything and spent hours and days in selection of components and making them match in theory.

After some weeks the main parameters had been clear, Cervelo C5, Sram eTap and Trickstuff Cleg 4 brakes with Doppelmoppel adaptor and a Clavicular crank from THM. This should get the main configuration of my perfect bicycle. It took weeks or months to  realize my configuration as some parts were only available in the US and others had a really really poor customer service.