This bike had been firstly configured for Transcimbrica (Race around Denmark), in early March. Race conditions had been special, low temperatures, loads of sand, rain and snow.

I had to give up this race due to technical failure in the early morning of the second day. The non drive side crank arm came down. The story with THM is never ending and still ongoing, as this failure was discussed before, and my questions had not been answered by THM, before the race. Only after and at that time things already happened. The saddest customer service ever. As this failure totally damaged my frame, the value of this clarification is pretty high. Cervelo themselves let me know that this frame is completely damaged and they can offer a crash replacement which was still crazily expensive. I sent the frame to a carbon doctor who saw himself as capable and experienced to repair the bottom bracket section completely. It took some weeks, but when the frame came back, right in time for Hardcro (Race around Croatia) I was more than happy but not yet confident. A new crank was ordered to replace the Clavicula, which is going to be replaced on my other bike soon, just by principle after experiencing the worst customer care, ever. Rotor 3D+ was the latest selection and with my neighbours help I could easily install the pressfit bearings into the frame. For Hardcro everything worked out, except the selection of the tires. I had roughly six flats in Croatia and I also had to replace a tyre, all punctures had been snakebites. At that time I chose Conti 4 Seasons and Conti 4000,  I had serious trouble to get them installed into the rims from Duke Baccara as the tires slipped out of it, if the pressure with high enough but still too low for racing. For TCR I decided in the very last weeks to go for Schwalbe Marathon Plus, way heavier but their advantages should rule. Having the same serious trouble in getting them installed, I still sticked on them. This choice had been a wise one. The only puncture I had was out in the burning sun of Greece. I could ride my bike with the flat to the next village without damaging the carcasse of the tyre. I was frightened to break the tools when I changed the tube, but finally everything worked out really really smooth.