The only weak point from the first point had been the converter Doppelmoppel (Trickstuff) to convert from mechanical levers to hydraulic brakes. The solution itself is elegant and seems to work under most conditions. As I had to replace my first Doppelmoppel because one of the cylinders was not turning back into zero position, I had a warning. The replacement piece arrived immediately so the exchange could be realised very quickly. But there had never been any explanation about the reasons for that failure. Riding a bike anywhere out of nowhere, I need to know about every single screw and why it is on that position.

The break pads had been extremely noisy during the race, at some point the cylinders did not move back into zero position, again. I had to get into Montenegro and Kosovo without proper brakes. This brought me close to scratching, but as the Kosovo day had such nice riding conditions, I stopped at the first auto mechanic that I have seen and we could solve the situation for this moment. If this was according to Trickstuff, we will find out, soon. As I checked out their manual on the road, there was nothing mentioned about my conditions.