Almost ten months ago, in October 2015, Nelson Trees #TCRno4s80, Jeff Liu #TCRno4s37, Joshua Rea #TCRno4s64 and myself met for racing from Shanghai to Moganshan and back within 24hours. I assume for two of us, Josh and myself, this was the starting point for longer distances. At that time Nelson and Jeff had already finished their first TCR no3, in 2015. This event had been held by F5, FactoryFive, webuildweride.

This year we met the day before the race started and shared some time and for me -the last beer- before two weeks of abstinence. During the ride, Josh, Jeff and myself met quite sometimes. Nelson was out for racing, as his target was to fight for top ten. Totally different preassumptions for this race, my plan was to ride it and to reach the finish line, no more, no less.