During this ride Anna and Mike bet on social media, pretty much. Which definitely makes big sense!

As a not-member of the social media world, I have my wife who follows up on these channels for me, at least for TCR stuff.

TCR sent out two race cars and a media car/ van.

I met the media van quite some time, although I almost never met the race cars. Good indication that I was not riding upfront the race.

I must have been an internal decision to focus on the faster riders. In my imagination the stories are more being written by other racers. The ones that might struggle and get back into the race. Nevertheless, the clips that are online until today, are really really well done.

Even more the images that are being taken during this race are more than just beautiful. You should consider that it is not really easy to actually find a spot out on the road. Driving the car all day long and looking for riders. Then getting these riders into some good shots. For me this is one of the most challenging jobs during this race, aside from the riders doing their race.

There is a general youtube channel from TCR, as well as an Instagram Account.

Camille (instagram)and John, thank you for your great work! Even I do really like your pictures. Now, I can even enjoy them, during the ride it was not something I got really into, until some friends sent me screenshots of myself in any of the social media channels.

Francis Cade (youtube), thank you as well. I enjoy watching your movies, keeping this ride and many sceneries even more alife than my own pictures, not my memories!