Breakfast in Serbia? No breakfast in Serbia. Only some canned cold coffee and packed croissants filled with chocolate. Definitely not my cup of tea. Now my route changed into a gravel road, for quite a long piece. I decided to change onto another main road that I used during the early morning. It had a bad surface and was fully of fast going cars. Still better than my road that was leading to construction works for the new autobahn. Lift the bike over onto the road and get on. I got on fast, only to get out of this mess. The section that I took contained two ascending tunnels, with no ventilation and no lights. The road surfaces in the tunnel was even worse. This piece of road was nothing less than horrible. In addition I did not feel strong at all, after I woke up. Maybe it was related to the food from last night, maybe to the lack of sleep or just to the little bad sleep that I had. Riding on the tt bar was feeling really bad, pedaling my knees into my stomach was never a problem, until today. I got sick, and as soon as I was off this bloody road, I wanted to have a rest and something cold to drink. There was no shadow to rest, there were no shops to buy anything. It took me another hour until I found a shelter in the shadow. I felt really sick so I stopped for a good hour. After that I found cool water for refilling my bidons, with that I continued to the next petrol station that was big and had a cafe enclosed. Here I met Colin and we sat together for some hours, talking about life and his pains that he collected during this ride. After he was ready to continue, I headed on to find a place to lay down, which was not possible in this petrol station. Finally I did not make miles on this day but it was a recovery day. I had a rest for one or two hours and tried to continue, I was not easy but I moved myself closer to the Macedonian border, closer only. I spent the night at a abandoned petrol station. It looked like after the war but obviously it had a guard. After I made myself comfortable, someone showed up to see what was going on. After a short explanation, he let me go to sleep.


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